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Animal Law

Animal law is the practice of law, litigation or transactional, focusing on the welfare of animals. It is the fastest growing field of law, and is comprised of general areas of law tailored to animals. Animals include companion animals such as dogs and cats, exotic animals, livestock, animals used for entertainment, and more.

Since animals do not have standing in a court and cannot provide representation for themselves, their owners or guardians bring causes of action to protect the animal. For example, if a groomer causes injury to your dog while clipping the nails, the dog cannot bring a civil action, but you can. If your landlord threatens to evict you because you have a therapy dog, your dog cannot bring a cause of action, but you can. Your pet cannot create a trust to make sure she is provided for when you pass away, but you can. The list is endless in the variety of animal law cases.

The following is a list of areas of animal law that the Katz Law Firm handles:

Dangerous Dog Cases: Providing representation at dangerous dog hearings and serious bodily injury hearings.

Contract Law: Providing representation for those who have contractual issues involving animals, including breeders, pet sitters, foster parents, groomers, and adoption contracts.

Liability: Providing representation for those involved in actions involving negligence or intentional acts where a bailee injures or kills someone else's animal. Boarding facilities, kennels, doggie day care facilities, and pet sitters are included in this area.

Personal Injury and Dog Bites: Providing representation to owners of animals when their animals cause injury to other animals or humans, or cause damage to others' property. Additionally, the firm brings civil actions against those who injure or harm animals. The firm also provides representation to owners of livestock.

Custody Disputes: Providing representation and advice those who are involved in family law matters where the custody of the animal is in dispute.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes: Providing representation for those who are threatened with eviction due to having animals, or those who are prevented from having a therapy animal at the location.

Wills and Trusts: Providing representation and legal advice regarding including pets in a will, or creating a statutory pet trust to ensure that pets are provided for at the time of disability or death of the owner. These documents are very important, specific, and should not be prepared by someone other than an attorney who is familiar with animal law.

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