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Estate Planning

Robyn Katz assists in drafting wills and trusts that help protect your assets to preserve the financial well-being of those left behind after death. Robyn helps her clients make difficult decisions regarding their own future, or the future of a loved one.

Your peace of mind is paramount when we work together to plan your estate. This means forming legal instruments designed to distribute your property according to your wishes with the least possible taxes, expenses and delay that can be achieved in your circumstances. Some of the estate planning tools we use are wills, trusts (including revocable, irrevocable, guardianships, and pet trusts), and durable powers of attorney.

Wills: A typical disposition of an estate worth less than $1 million can be handled with a simple will. A will provides great benefits to those who even have a small estate. A will can provide for a self-proving affidavit that in most cases will avoid the need to bring witnesses to court after death. You can also provide for an independent executor, guardians and trustees.

Pet Trusts: A pet trust is a legal tool used to plan for your pet's care after you pass or in the event of a disability you incur. This legal technique is very specific, and you should confer with an attorney who is familiar with this area of law. With a pet trust, you can designate the responsibility of your pet to someone along with the instructions for their care. You can also leave the caregiver funds or property to ensure your pet's continued support and designate a trustee who will deliver the pet to your designated caregiver who may use the property you transferred to the trust to pay for your pet's expenses. If there are remaining funds in the pet trust at the death of the pet, you can plan for those funds to go to a charity or family member.

Pet trusts can be useful so you are at-ease knowing your pet's care will be uninterrupted, and allows you to determine the level of care that you prefer.

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